Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Never Ending

----- Our chat on Tue, 1/25/11 2:47 AM -----
BJ Fag-Notts (2:25 AM):  Hi just to update you he set up another add on UK classified it got deleted pretty quickly so I don't know what it looked like but he has set up another add on Craig's list instead
BJ Fag-Notts (2:31 AM):  there has been some replies from the other add which has been updated on
Foolish (2:32 AM):  well better get sucking
BJ Fag-Notts (2:33 AM):  and apparently he's going to put on gaydar
BJ Fag-Notts (2:34 AM):  so it looks like things ain't getting any better for me
Foolish (2:34 AM):  poor fag
BJ Fag-Notts (2:35 AM):  I was hoping things will quieten down and I can relax a bit more it certainly not worked out quite how I expected
Foolish (2:36 AM):  no it hasn't





  1. All sissy faggots love to suck cock so it must be a dream cum true

  2. would love being exposed like this