Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Never Ending

----- Our chat on Tue, 1/25/11 2:47 AM -----
BJ Fag-Notts (2:25 AM):  Hi just to update you he set up another add on UK classified it got deleted pretty quickly so I don't know what it looked like but he has set up another add on Craig's list instead
BJ Fag-Notts (2:31 AM):  there has been some replies from the other add which has been updated on
Foolish (2:32 AM):  well better get sucking
BJ Fag-Notts (2:33 AM):  and apparently he's going to put on gaydar
BJ Fag-Notts (2:34 AM):  so it looks like things ain't getting any better for me
Foolish (2:34 AM):  poor fag
BJ Fag-Notts (2:35 AM):  I was hoping things will quieten down and I can relax a bit more it certainly not worked out quite how I expected
Foolish (2:36 AM):  no it hasn't




Thursday, January 13, 2011

bj_fag_whore_notts_uk UK CLASSIFIEDS EXPOSURE

BJ Fag-Notts (4:26 AM):  it's gone beyond having a bit of fun it is downright humiliating and degrading and scary
Foolish (4:26 AM):  haha
Foolish (4:26 AM):  good fool
Foolish (4:26 AM):  you are becoming a sissy fag



Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wrong Number

 Silly BJ Fag wants calls from men in the Nottingham UK Area

BJ Fag-Notts (4:56 AM):  well at least you haven't put my full mobile number up their

Foolish (4:56 AM):  oh
Foolish (4:57 AM):  you did not give me your full number
BJ Fag-Notts (4:58 AM):  you have missed the last two digits off
Foolish (4:58 AM):  sorry
Foolish (4:58 AM):  what are they
BJ Fag-Notts (4:58 AM):  I don't know whether I should tell you
BJ Fag-Notts (4:59 AM):  I suppose you've only got to check out the databases
Foolish (4:59 AM):  how else will cocks call you
BJ Fag-Notts (4:59 AM):  so I suppose I may as well
BJ Fag-Notts (5:00 AM):  07964402353
Foolish (5:00 AM):  ty
Foolish (5:00 AM):  i will fix the badge
Foolish (5:00 AM):  haha

Monday, January 3, 2011

bj_fag_whore_notts_uk CRAIGSLIST EXPOSURE

J Fag-Notts (5:03 AM):  well regards on from now it seems so I'm obviously a lot more aware of just what it feels like and I can assure you it wasn't like my fantasy a lot more scary and definitely makes me feel vulnerable and exposed I guess you could say quite humiliated 

sissies can be so foolish!

Friday, December 31, 2010

BJ FAG Nightie Collage

BJ Fag-Notts (4:15 AM):  yes I'm beginning to realise who's the foolish loser here and I have got exactly what I deserved I beg to to be like all the other slut out there fantasised about what it would be like to be in a position well for better or for worse I'm beginning to realise what it's like now
Foolish (4:16 AM):  i am happy for you BJ
Foolish (4:16 AM):  you are very brave
BJ Fag-Notts (4:17 AM):  I don't know I'm beginning to wonder what I've got myself into
BJ Fag-Notts (4:17 AM):  as I just don't know where you're going to take me next and what sort of response I'm going to get


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Say My Name

BJ is worried about her real name being used

''And in future when spreading the pictures I would prefer if you use my online play name BJ''